OK, Hamlet might have pondered over a far more, ahem, life-changing inner struggle. Still, the persistent nagging question for entrepreneurs and the self-employed is a biggie, too. Certainly, 9-5 should be mostly dedicated to work, right? But what about comp-time for clients? What about research, training, miscellaneous admin work, and so on.

Many times, I do this (whatever “this” is) on the weekend, so I can take a week day off, right? Or, when I’m at a weekend family gathering and an idea for a work task pops into my head, should I stop and jot it down? Being fair to clients and family (and yourself) is a challenging balancing act. Sometimes, unfortunately, it comes down to whose dog house I decide I need to sleep in – or whether to sleep much at all.

I’ve found the best way to avoid the dog house completely is to anticipate up front when I will be available. I’ve also realized that multitasking is a falsehood (another blog for another day). Lists help, and not answering every cell phone call immediately keeps me on task.

Ron Hill