In April of 2013, my wife and I purchased the company I had worked for for 23 years, Erie Reproduction Service. As a first-time business owner, it was the beginning of the second act of my professional career.

Branding ourselves as Eriepro, we carried on the business. It was a pleasure and a privilege to continue working with clients and vendors I had known for over two decades.

Here I am, three years and one divorce later, opening the door on my third act.

Act 3 was started in 2016 by two friends I’ve known and worked with throughout my career, Ron Hill and Jim O’Hare. When the opportunity to join them was offered, it took no time at all to make a decision. The three of us share a mutual respect and the same positive outlook, as well as a set of overlapping skills that is sure to benefit our clients.

Special thanks to all of Eriepro’s clients, vendors and friends for joining me for my Act 3.

Jaime Lombardo