In January, 2000 while shoving a shovel to plant a live Christmas tree, a sudden ‘thunk.’ Then another, and another. Some excavating later, unearthed a couple of hundred pieces of sandstone about 6” beneath the surface. Long-forgotten garden boundaries and pathways, resurrected. Probing with pointed heavy iron bars resulted in over 1000 sq. ft. of blue stone, perfect for new paths, new terraces, new life. Called the work ‘harvesting’ stones – thought we had ‘em all.

Till last

Last grill out of the season likely, browning up post-Thanksgiving turkey wings. Shovel handy to turn the coals, sliced into the sod to keep nearby . . . and then that familiar ‘thunk.’ A little digging, a little lifting, the new stone there at the bottom of the fire ring.

Apparently more stones lie sleeping under the sod, waiting to be woken to serve a new life.