The key to happiness, a recent article suggested, is tied to findi20161114_us-bank-artng slices of joy each day. For me, I found a slice at a US Bank branch in Cleveland’s Playhouse Square. I was busy, distracted, full of myself – and then I saw a bit of marketing that someone took the time to craft.

“Who made this?” I asked to nobody in particular. One teller pointed down the row of stations – “He did – isn’t it great?” And it is.

I don’t need a new car, or a new car loan, but I can always use a reminder that there are people out there who care about their workplace, the image of their employer, their customers – and are knowledgeable enough to use the proper terms & conditions to satisfy the folks at HQ.

Nice job, Shane Stoddard – I’ll pop in to see your next creation when I’m in need of a slice of joy.