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book-madison-v5Scheduled for a April 9, 2019 release

Designing Victory

Robert P. Madison
with Carlo Wolff

Designing Victory tells an important story about the fabric of American life over the past century through the experiences of one of the leading architects of the time. The remarkable story of Robert Madison helps us to understand the process of our evolution as a society through the prism of a man who helped to shape the visual world we inhabit.”
Peter Knox
Eric and Jane Nord Family Professor and Director
Baker Nord Center for the Humanities, Case Western Reserve University



Act 3 published the Vietnam-era coming-of-age story Virginity Lost in Vietnam in June of 2018. Previous titles include the rock ‘n’ roll biography, Mike Belkin: Socks, Sports, Rock and Art in 2017 and Edutoons in 2016, which is a collection of education-based editorial cartoons. These books are available from Act3, or Amazon.


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